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Before 1641 it was illegal to publish domestic news: this was the prerogative of the Crown. When these restrictions were swept away in 1641, a domestic news print industry quickly took root in London. This coincided with the perfect excuse to print weekly domestic news: the start of the English Civil Wars.

Throughout the wars many ‘newsbooks’ came and went, and these were the forerunners of what we know today as the modern newspaper. Against the odds – and largely because of the ‘collecting’ habit of a London stationer named George Thomason – large numbers of Civil War era newsbooks were preserved, and have come down to us today.

Despite being a major source of military and social information about the English Civil War period, until now these newsbooks have not been transcribed or indexed. However, publisher Tyger’s Head Books has been undertaking this task for a number of years, and the searchable results are now available here, on a subscription basis.


£5 per month (search and view all the newsbooks on the system)

Subscription options:

1 month (one-off payment, access for 30 days)

3 months (£5/mo for 3 months, access for 90 days)

Continuous subscription (£5/mo, access until you cancel – after cancellation you’ll have access until the end of the last period you’ve paid for)

Payment is via Paypal.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, even halfway through a subscription period, without notice, and with no cancellation fee. Simply delete the continuous payment instruction from your Paypal account.

If you have any questions, please send an email.

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